Class of 2018

Computer Engineering

College of Engineering and College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Connie's Bio

Hi, everyone!

My name is Connie, and I am now majoring in Computer Engineering in the College of Engineering and Statistics in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. My hometown is a historical and peaceful city called Suzhou, located in southeastern China.

Before I came to Illinois, I spent three years of high school in the greater Boston area. Despite the fact that my friends all chose to stay in Massachusetts, I decided to come to Illinois because I really wanted to experience something different.

Illinois provides so many excellent choices for me to decide what kind of person I want to be. With all kinds of opportunities everywhere, I will eventually find a place that I truly belong to. On weekends, I can choose to hang out with friends all night to have fun and expand my network or stay in a lab with brand new, fancy equipment until midnight to finish a project. No matter which way I choose, there are always other people accompanying.

Besides school work, I am also a core member of Chinese Independent Film Study. We never watch popular films, but instead pay most of our attention to independent films and host discussions on them. We not only share our thoughts on the “independence” of this particular form of art, but we also support each other on the “independency” of our identity. Yes, I can choose not to follow the mainstream, but I will never be alone because Illinois is exactly the place for me to shape my own identity with people who have similar thoughts.

I love reading, and writing is forever an important part of my life. I always want to share my life with people around me, so I will try my best to let you feel my love toward Illinois through my writing pieces. I am more than happy to answer any questions and provide all kinds of help. So, just comment on my posts and let’s start our journey!