Class of 2019

Integrative Biology

Mark's Bio

Hi! I’m Mark Prakash, and I’m currently a junior here at the University of Illinois. I was born and raised in Naperville, IL. Here on campus, I’m a pre-dental student studying Integrative Biology, and I’m trying to pursue minors in Chemistry and English.

I chose the University of Illinois for a couple of reasons. One, this is one of the premier academic institutions in the world, and to be able to be a part of what’s going on here is a genuine gift. Two, and this one mattered even more to me and is what tipped me over to come here, is that I found the people here to be genuinely friendly. At a lot of the bigger schools that I visited, I never felt like I was noticed as anything more than one of a gigantic number of other prospective students. When I toured Illinois, I genuinely felt like the students, faculty, and admissions officers genuinely cared about my academic and career goals and wanted to make sure that I got where I needed to go.

When I’m not studying, I’m involved in a campus ministry called the Navigators, and I attend a church on campus as well. I’m a campus tour guide, I’m involved with undergraduate research, I’m the vice president of CURE UIUC (a medical missions fundraising club for children with physical disabilities), and I’m part of a Pre-Dental Fraternity (Floss 4 life, bros).

Who is my blog for? It’s for prospective college students who want to know what college is actually like and how to survive once you get here. You’ll hear a lot of stuff about college from the start of your senior year right up until the morning you move in. Some of it is true; some of it is myth. I’m here to help give you as clear a view as I can on what’s on the other side so you can decide for yourself how you’re going to take on the strange, stressful, and exciting 4 years we’ve taken to calling “college.”