Class of 2022

Molecular & Cellular Biology

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Fiza's Bio

Hello everyone!

I’m Fiza Bukhari - a freshman undergraduate student at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. My major is Molecular and Cellular biology (more commonly and lovingly known as MCB) on the pre-med track. I’ve dreamed of becoming a doctor since I could spell the word! After college, I plan to attend medical school and become the new Dr. Oz, lawsuit free of course. During my time at Illinois I will immerse myself in student organizations, challenging coursework, research, blog! When I’m not studying I enjoy reading books about clinical tales, running, listening to podcasts, and watching medical TV. Plus, I’m always on the lookout for the best ice cream and coffee in town.

Throughout high school I was involved in various activities: the national honor society where I helped fundraise organizations like Relay for Life and coordinated my school’s blood drives. Additionally, speech club, summer research, and volunteering at my local hospital consumed much of my free time. When it came to choosing where I’d call home for my pre-med years, I often turned to the UIUC admissions blog for advice and direction. On those days where I felt torn between schools, posts written by Illinois’ very own helped make my college decision easier. By the end of senior year, I discovered a couple of bloggers who I resonated with and I still follow their posts today!

With my blog, I aspire to be what many student bloggers were to me: a source of education for students who are interested in what student life is like at UIUC. Follow my pre-med journey as I stay active on campus, tackle classroom rigor, and try to find the best coffee in Chambana!