A Sense of Community

Hey guys,

So yesterday a friend of mine’s dad passed away. Apparently, he’d been battling cancer for the last few years, and my friend had hid this from me and our other friends up until his father was about to pass on. Even though my other friends and I had never met his dad, there was a strong sense of loss within our group. It hit us hard that our friend had kept silent about such a difficult matter for so long, and we felt for him even though most of us couldn’t exactly understand what he was going through.

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Not even a day later, there were group messages being sent back and forth, organizing carpools, departure times, etc. so that we could all attend his father’s wake on Sunday as a surprise to our friend and his family. College is most certainly a time and a place where you are able to learn new things, broaden your horizons, and prepare yourself to enter the workforce after graduation, but it is also a place where you create lasting bonds. There is a sense of community here at Illinois that permeates through everything we do. This week the Illinois community lost an Illini, but through that loss, it was displayed that the love we have for this place and the people we meet here is very real.

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