My Experience in Private Certified Housing

Hey guys,

As some of you may already know, I’m a senior, so I’ve been removed from the housing process for about three years now. However, I still recall my days in Private Certified Housing very vividly, so I hope I can help you out there.

When I was a freshman, just like now, we had two choices: University or Private Certified Housing. A lot of my friends from high school who had also gotten into Illinois had gone with Private Certified Housing because of the bigger rooms, so I did too. Specifically, we all lived at Bromley Hall on 3rd and Chalmers.

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Bromley was a very cool building. It had 13 stories (I lived on the 13th), a swimming pool, a workout room, a computer lab, and other recreational stuff like a ping-pong table. The floors were co-ed, so there was equal opportunity to meet both guys and girls. It was also pretty central to the Quad, the ARC, and to a bus stop, so I really was never in want of anything as a freshman. I would say my only complaint was that, because Private Certified Housing has a different credit system than University Housing, I could only eat at Bromley.

Well, I hope my experience helps you guys make a better decision when you’re deciding where to live next fall.

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Class of 2016
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