Emails, Emails, Emails!

Hey guys,

So one thing that I don’t think anyone expresses to incoming freshmen enough is the flood of emails you will receive within your academic career. From the time you join the University of Illinois, you are given a university email. You can choose to use it as is or have it forward emails to your already existing email address. Personally, I went with option two. It made the surge of notifications a little bit more concise and allowed for me to keep track of messages better.

However, even with me having university emails forwarded to my regular email, I still found it hard to keep up with them all. Heck, with clubs, jobs, teachers, and deans all vying for my attention on each bring of my Gmail account, I still find it hard to keep up with all of the emails I get!

My best advice to all you incoming and current freshmen is to either set aside a time during the day to knock all your emails out at once or be the most diligent email checker of all time, reading them as the day goes. Some days that will be easier than others, but either way, the correspondences that go along with email will be important. Many professors communicate solely through email to get ahold of students rather than using things like Compass 2g or Moodle.

I hope this helps out, guys, and makes you keep your eyes peeled this next year!

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