Tips for When You Have a Lot to Do

I hope everybody is doing super well and enjoying the lovely spring weather. I know I am! This week has been pretty busy so far since I had tests on Monday and Tuesday. With a lot of stuff happening mid-semester, I always have a long to-do list. However, it is all completely doable if you are proactive! Here  are my tips:

1. Give yourself time. I cannot imagine having to do it all at once! It really is essential to plan ahead and give yourself as much time as you can to study, etc. This way, you won’t feel overwhelmed or in too much of a rush.

2. Stay happy. It is really important to give yourself time to chat with friends, exercise, or do whatever makes you happy! Even when I have a lot on my plate, my productivity increases when I take a moment to enjoy myself. Also, when you’ve accomplished a lot, be sure to celebrate! Doing what you love is a great reward for all of your success.


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