Taking Breaks During Finals

It is well known that this time of year can be associated with stress and having a lot of things to do. Generally, if I think about those things as being stressful, I get more freaked out. So, I instead try to think about how good it feels to be as productive as I can, learn something, and give it all my best effort.

Sometimes, though, it is necessary to take a short break. I try to be as productive as I can but still relaxed when I need a break, or at least do something that gets me extra ready for what I need to do next. Here are some tips based on the things I’ve been doing this past week:

Give yourself time. For me, this is key, as things tend to go better with proper planning. I know that if I plan ahead, I feel way more in control, relaxed, and usually do better work.

If necessary (and possible), switch activities. If I feel as though I’ve been doing something for too long, switching activities can be quite helpful! I usually have plenty of things on my to-do list, so I have options.

Go outside. Here in Champaign, the weather is lovely! Sometimes, a quick trip outside is the best thing I can do if I need a boost of energy.

Get exited. Seriously, get excited about what you have to look forward to tomorrow, next week, next month, or even next year. When I’m feeling joyful, I tend to do my best work. 🙂

Good luck, everyone!


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