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Hey guys,

So now that I’m done being all sentimental about graduation, I want to hit you guys with a last few helpful posts detailing how you can navigate post-grad life. Now, I know most of you are years away from this monumental moment in your lives, but the skills that I hope to impart will be useful, regardless, and can help you with looking for internships and co-ops.

When it comes to applying for jobs, you, of course, want to look for positions that fit you best. No one wants to get stuck doing a job they hate. There are plenty of other factors to consider, though, when you are mulling these kinds of decisions over. How’s the pay? Do they offer health benefits/insurance? If it’s kind of far, is there a relocation package/will they pay to send you out for the interview? How much is the starting salary? What exactly will your responsibilities be? These are all things that you have to keep in mind to protect your interest, because at the end of the day it is a business, and there’s a give-and-take relationship that comes with that.

For instance, in the last few months coming up to my graduation, I have been on many interviews both on campus and in larger cities. One of these larger city interviews was with a company out of Illinois who wished for me to conduct an interview with them in person even though I was in school and lived relatively far away. Despite this, I decided to go to this city, using my own money, to see what the company had to offer. Fast forward a few weeks and I was actually offered a position with this company, but they wished for me to start with them two days after my graduation. With me not living in the area, plus it being so close to graduation, I asked them if there was any sort of relocation package or assistance that they could provide, and the answer was a flat no.

These are the kinds of situations you have to look out for when applying for jobs. Ways to watch out for these corporations are to look at sites that offer company reviews. Seeing what others think about a company can really put your feelings of elation in perspective.

I hope this helps in any of your future endeavors, because it has for sure aided in mine.

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Class of 2016
I’m in the Creative Writing program in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. I’m originally from Tampa, Florida, but I’ve been calling Illinois my home since 1998. I’ve lived all over the Northwest suburbs, from Palatine to Lakemoor to where I currently live back home, Mundelein.

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