Graduation and Beyond

Hi all,

It’s odd how college feels like staring at the Earth from space. When you’re in it, it’s your entire life: friend circles, academic structure, go-to things to eat, study, and play. But now that I’m leaving, it all seems so small and far away, and there’s really only a few things that stick with me.

It’s those things that matter, the things that you hold onto after all the buzz of college is gone: a friend or three from your major who you can count on for encouragement about doing something different with your major instead of just settling for any job; a couple of professors who believe in you and are always willing to give you a hand; confidence in yourself, both in your skills and the strength of your moral compass.


Education will always come as long as you put yourself out in the world, but more than learning, college really just comes down to people and principles. Who do you want to be and who do you surround yourself with to become your best self?

These are the questions you should constantly be asking yourself throughout your college career: your major, your friends, your free time, your education, your mentors—who inspires you and how do you stay focused?

Ultimately, when you graduate, you probably won’t know what the rest of your 20s will look like, let alone the next three months. But if you’ve committed to getting to know yourself during undergrad, it won’t matter so much. Fear often comes from not knowing, but if you know yourself, you can make your way in the world.

Anyway, I’m graduating! I’ll be working in my hometown, Naperville, IL. Until then, happy summer, and good luck! Thanks for everyone who’s been reading and commenting and following the journey of us bloggers. We can’t wait to see what yours will look like.



Class of 2016
I’m an Advertising major also pursuing a minor in Anthropology. I’m heavily involved with the American Advertising Federation on campus. I'm from Naperville, Illinois.