Involvement in Your Residence Hall

It’s not everyday that you go to a new place and find such extraordinary connections with people immediately. Last year, I arrived on campus to move in to my new residence hall, Snyder Hall. I chose Snyder Hall specifically for its strict substance-free policy and was excited to live in a community that encouraged my lifestyle and choices.

During the check-in process at Snyder, I was confronted with a table that displayed sign-ups for Hall Council. This seemed like an excellent opportunity to become involved in something that would directly contribute to my community and allow me to connect with my fellow residents. I would go on to be the secretary on Snyder Hall Council and love every second of it.


Every meeting was filled with planning for spectacular events like Dial-A-Carol (more on that later this year) and Snyderpalooza (our in-hall alternative to unofficial). The best part about all of this is that I got to become close with some very cool people from diverse backgrounds. I can now safely say that these people have not only impacted my college experience but the way that I view community. Hall Council simply gave me connections that are irreplaceable for any freshman in college.

Later that fall, I decided that I loved my experience on Snyder Hall Council so much that I was going to apply to become an RA. Fast forward almost a year, and I am now an RA at the greatest residence hall on the planet, Snyder Hall. As I start this school year, I look forward to being a resource and advocate for each of my residents in order to help them succeed in everything they are attempting. Additionally, my connections with my fellow staff are now providing me with such an amazing sense of community.

Looking back on the last year, the best decision I have made on campus was signing up for Hall Council. I highly encourage anyone who wants to meet and connect with many new people and work together on amazing events for the community to sign up for Hall Council. I promise that anyone who does this will never be disappointed in the outcome.



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