How to Prep for a Community College Visit

With the fall semester underway at the University of Illinois, several of my colleagues and myself are starting to schedule visits to community colleges across Illinois throughout the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 semesters.

We would love the opportunity to meet future transfer students and answer any questions you may have about the transfer process. Before you meet with us at one of our visits, I want to give you some advice to help you prepare.

1. Explore the majors at Illinois to see which one(s) might be the best fit for you. At the time of application, you will choose the specific major you want to transfer in to, so having some knowledge about the majors you are interested in will help us to better answer any questions you might have about the transfer process.

2. Review the Illinois Articulation Guide. This guide will provide you information about our GPA and coursework requirements for students from any of the 48 community colleges in Illinois. This will give you a good idea of the courses you will want to complete while attending your community college.

3. Use the Transfer Handbook to find additional transfer requirements for your intended program of study. The transfer handbook provides additional detailed information for the requirements to transfer to each of the majors at Illinois. You want to make sure that you meet the transfer GPA and course requirements for your program. Many of the majors will even provide a recommended course sequence.

4. See how your courses will transfer to Illinois on Transferology. You will need to know how the courses you are currently enrolled in and the courses you plan to take in the future transfer to Illinois. Utilize Transferology to find these course articulations. If you do not find your institution listed, you can compare course descriptions from our Course Catalog with the courses you have taken.

5. Look at our Transfer Open and Closed Programs. This portion of our website lists the programs that are closed to transfer students for both the Spring and Fall 2017 semesters. You will want to make sure the program you are interested in is accepting applications for your preferred semester.

6. Prepare a list of questions. Once you have some general information about your area of interests and the courses you need to complete, develop a list of questions for the admissions counselor to help make the transfer process as simple as possible.

Doing research and preparing before the visit at your community college will ensure that you have all of the information necessary to successfully transfer to Illinois. We are excited about meeting with you and visiting the community colleges!

As always, let me know if you have any questions!


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