What to Do Your First Week of College

It’s the first week of school here at Illinois and you may not have a lot of homework since many professors tend to just give out course syllabi to their students. You can only be in your classes for 15 minutes or so then be let out! I guess that’s one thing about college life that’s better than high school.


But now you have plenty of unstructured free time, and you’re trying to think of things to do around campus with your new friends.


Have no fear, as I have tons of suggestions for you to do around campus for this first week!

The ARC: First, you can go to the state-of-the-art fitness facility that is the ARC. This week is Free Group Fitness Week and that means you can take yoga classes and Zumba classes with your friends! Work up a sweat and use that Olympic-sized swimming pool we’re so fortunate to have. You can also start making your team for intramural seasons when that starts next month!


Meet New Friends: In your residence hall, there’s hundreds of fellow Illini you haven’t met due to the whirlwind events of moving into college. Now that you have so much free time, go ahead and knock on a few doors in your residence hall and meet some new people. These students will be more than welcoming to you. Remember, you can never have too many friends here at Illinois.


Hang Out on the Quad: The Quad rests in the heart of campus off of Wright Street, and I bet one or two of your classes is there. It’s always sunny in Champaign during August and September, so grab a blanket, a frisbee, and some friends and head out to the Quad and get some sun. Maybe you’ll get a nice tan!


Try Out a Green Street Restuarant:  Right after you’re done hanging on the Quad, it would be a good idea to catch a meal with your new friends. We’re lucky to have so many quality food choices on Green Street, which is right next to the Quad. My favorite Green Street restaurant is definitely Azzip Pizza. They make delicious, fresh pizza in just five minutes, which is really impressive.

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Enjoy your first week Illini and enjoy the free time!


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