What It’s Like to Represent Illinois at National Conferences

I’m an Advertising major here at Illinois, which is part of the College of Media. I absolutely love it, and it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. We’re a small but mighty college that’s a tight-knit family because we are all so passionate about the work. A cool fact about the Advertising major is that it’s the first ever Advertising major in the country. It started in 1959!

This past weekend I had the special opportunity to represent Illinois at Insight + Interaction, the National Student Advertising Career Conference. The conference was put on by the American Advertising Federation (AAF), the national trade organization of our very own American Advertising Federation student chapter here. The student chapter has 500+ members, making it the largest advertising club in the country! Although it’s a big club, it’s felt like a small family.

Me and 20 other (AAF) executive board members made the trip up to Chicago for the conference. It took place at the Chicago Portfolio School, a really hip place for post-graduate education for aspiring advertising professionals.

The conference included workshops about making it into the advertising agency world, Q&A sessions with current advertising professionals, and a mini career fair!

Me and the advertising crew at an ad agency!

Me and the Advertising crew at an ad agency!

Illinois by far had the most students at the conference from any other school that included other colleges such as University of Kentucky and Mizzou. People from other schools were asking us the whole weekend how our club was so successful and how we got so many members for being such a small college. At that moment, I was pretty proud to be an Illini.



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