Sandwiches On Sunday

Every Sunday, the Ikenberry Dining Hall has what is known as “The Grinder Bar.” This has become the highlight of my meals at the dining hall every week. The Grinder Bar is basically a station where we can build sandwiches with any kind of meat, cheese, or condiment that we want on it. The selection is fantastic, and its presence is a treat every week.

Each week, me and my friends go and create sandwiches that we think will be delicious. Most of the time, our sandwiches that we build are pretty outlandish. Even if we don’t like what we build, we always enjoy the experience. The Grinder Bar is one of the things that makes the Ikenberry Dining Hall so special. The other campus dining halls don’t offer things that are quite like The Grinder Bar.

The other really nice thing about The Grinder Bar is that you and your friends┬ádon’t have to both eat lunch food. During the time when The Grinder Bar is on, the Ikenberry Dining Hall also serves breakfast food. In many ways this meal at the dining hall is actually brunch.

Although I don’t love everything at the dining hall, the grinder bar is an absolute highlight. Waking up late on a Sunday to sub sandwiches is pretty awesome as a concept and in real life, as well. There is no doubt that I will never miss out on The Grinder Bar. If you love subs as much as me, I highly suggest that you do the same, as well.


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From Meme Generator


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