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We talk about research at University Illinois. Actually, we talk about research A LOT. Everyone on our campus, from undergraduate students to Nobel Prize winners, are engaged in research. When I am visiting high schools or presenting for our daily visits, I always bring up the opportunities for students to get connected with undergraduate research. And inevitably, I get a few eye rolls. So why should YOU care that University of Illinois is one of the top institutions for undergraduate involvement in research? Well, let me tell you why.

Research is happening everywhere.

So we have the typical lab coat, microscope research, but we have world-renowned faculty members in every single academic community and college engaged in cutting-edge research in their field. Whether you are a Bioengineering, Music, Creative Writing, or Social Work major, you will be engaged with research. Check out Alex’s story about his research in developing new ways of archiving historical documents, or learn about Heinrich’s research in behavioral neuroscience.

The Office of Undergraduate Research can help you create your own project, assist with a course-based research assignment, connect with a faculty member on an existing project, and even design a research component for your study abroad program.

Get credit (or a paycheck) for your findings, and show it off!

Whether you work with a faculty member or with one of our 100+ companies out at Research Park, you can earn academic credit or get paid for your research experience.

Opened in 1999, Research Park now houses over 100 different companies on our campus. These are companies that need the innovative minds of our students in every discipline to progress their missions. From Fortune 100 to startup companies that aspire to be on that list, students can work as interns for these global organizations right in Champaign.

There are a lot of questions we need to answer, and that is just who we are.

The University of Illinois was founded in 1867 as a land-grant institution through federal legislation (which happened to be signed by Abraham Lincoln). Since our founding, we have upheld our civic duty to contribute to the advancements of technology. Students and faculty are expected to ask questions, think deeply, and diligently find answers to problems that affect our world.

So when you’re thinking about attending Illinois and what you would like to study, I imagine that you want to study a certain field to contribute and progress the way things are being done. And you can. We will give you the resources to start making your own innovative discoveries at Illinois.

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