Can’t Visit? Take Amber’s Tour Instead!

The time has come. I know you have all been waiting with bated breath. A couple weeks ago, I offered to go out on to campus and take pictures for those of you who weren’t able to come see things for yourselves. I got one great request (shout out to Deniz!), and I decided to take some pictures of my favorite areas of campus, too.

Amber’s Tour Starts Now!!!


Your first stop should always be this building right here, the Admissions and Records building. Home to yours truly and a host of other admissions counselors. And when you come in, you will probably be greeted by someone a bit like Amber (there are two of us!), who will give you a campus walking tour and help you with questions.


Thanks, Amber! Next stop? It was chilly so I wanted to get some cocoa to warm myself up before my walk, so I stopped at the Intermezzo Cafe in the gorgeous Krannert Center for Performing Arts.


This is one of my lunch/snack time favorites. They have a decent selection, good prices, and the Krannert Center is a really cool building to be in.


Not pictured, my giant chocolate chip cookie. You can’t have cocoa without a cookie! Now it is time to keep moving; my first destination is with Deniz in mind. I am headed to the Engineering area of campus.


Heading towards the Grainger Engineering Library, I see this handsome fellow, the perpetually studying Grainger Bob. A picture of dedication to his area of study, or a future selfie opportunity. You decide.

Now, this next one is where I had to enlist some help, because shortly after Deniz made a request for a picture of a lab storage space, I realized I can’t actually just walk into a lab. They are locked, and only students and professors can get in. Luckily, I had some backup …


Gabs, one of our student interns, is a Bioengineering major on campus. She heard my plight and took some great pictures of the storage area of the lab she is currently working in.


It is actually pretty cool to see what the inside of a functioning lab is like on campus.  I am also very impressed with all of the labels.  Very organized.


As I walked past the Beckman Institute (pictured above), I remembered my favorite restaurant was in this part of campus!


So I headed to Seoul Taco, just off of Green Street. Sadly, Seoul Taco did not remember that people want kimchi rice all times of the day (do they not know kimchi is a breakfast food, too?!?!), and they didn’t open for another hour. Don’t you worry, I will be back!


Leaving Green Street, I was reminded of another pretty interesting part about campus.  In our main intersections, once every light cycle it will stop traffic four ways so pedestrians can walk diagonally across the street. The first few times this happened to me, I was concerned there were some overly brave students, but it is totally normal, and a huge timesaver!


Next up, I wanted to take some pictures of the Undergraduate Library, but on way I came across this, and advertisement for an event on campus.  As you walk around, you will see these all over the place. Some of them get pretty creative, too!


At the library, I was greeted with, well, people studying. Behind me was a section of Macs with students working on projects. It was exactly what you would expect from a library. The part you can’t tell, especially in this picture, is we are actually one level underground here! The Illinois Undergraduate Library is underground so it doesn’t block the light from the Morrow Plots, located right next door. Pretty neat, huh?


Also, there is a picture of a cat saying goodbye as you leave the library. The cuteness! It is going to be too much for me ….


Luckily, I pulled out of the cuteness overload and came back to my senses. What else would a student want to see if they visited campus? Probably a class. Being near Smith Memorial Hall, I thought I would stop in and snap a quick pic.  Smith is actually on the National Register of Historic Places, and it is BEAUTIFUL.  It is very classic, as you can see here, but even better, it is actually a music building. As I was walking through the hall, I could hear students practicing in different rooms around me. Very beautiful and very cool.


At this point, I should probably start heading back. As much as I wish I could walk around campus all day, I have work to do.  I  contemplate taking the bus, but I am only a couple of blocks away from the office at this time. I can walk that. I wanted to add this picture, though, because the bus system on campus is pretty great, and it is included in your student fees. You can get on any bus, show your i-Card, and you are set. Very convenient, especially if you choose not to have a car. If you are wondering about getting around campus without a car, I highly recommend Maggie’s blog on getting around campus.


Now, before I close this out I wanted to share one final picture from my campus adventures.

This is a picture of me with Heather. Heather is an academic advisor on campus.  She was also one of my advisors when I was in college. She is actually the advisor that suggested I look into working in higher education, you know, the job I have now? Heather, and people like her, are probably the best and most memorable part of your visit to campus. People who are passionate about helping you find new resources on campus. People who are excited about connecting you to your passions. People who will help shape the person you become in the most amazing ways.

So, even if you can’t make it to campus yourself, know this is all here, on campus, waiting for you.



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November 19, 2016, 6:39 am

Thanks for this lovely collection Amber! Please say thanks to the fellow from Bioengineering about the photos of storage places. I also very much liked Smith Memorial Hall. Overall, the pictures were so helpful for me to at least imagine the campus atmosphere.



November 21, 2016, 9:54 am

Hi Deniz,

I am glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for taking the time to put in a request. I have passed on your thanks to my student assistant. 🙂

If you are interested in seeing more pictures of campus you can check out the Admissions Photo Tour as well:

Have a great day!