As an RA at Snyder Hall, I will be contributing at least five hours of my time to a really fun and festive event that happens every year, Dial-A-Carol. During Dial-A-Carol, people from around the world call our phone line and request to be sung a holiday carol of their choice. The phone lines are open for almost a week, and we can sing any holiday carol that someone can think of.

Last year, I contributed around 30 hours to Dial-A-Carol. It is the perfect activity to get away from the stress of finals season and bring some cheer. The greatest part about Dial-A-Carol is when you get a phone call from the other side of the globe. Most times, people from other countries have heard about our event on Reddit or Twitter, which makes the call even cooler. Also, we are accepting calls 24 hours a day, so if a Snyder Hall resident can’t sleep or just feels like singing some carols in the middle of the night, they can head down to the lobby and get on the phone lines.

Before coming to the University of Illinois, I was drawn to Snyder Hall because I loved the substance-free aspect of the residence hall, along with Dial-A-Carol. After all, Dial-A-Carol has been around for 56 years and is only growing bigger each year. Many residents of Snyder Hall will partake in the event and that makes it even more special. When I was on the phone lines last year with all of my friends from Snyder for my first Dial-A-Carol, I realized that I had made the right choice to live in Snyder Hall.

If you would like to call in and have a carol sung to you, the phone number is 217-332-1882. The phone lines will open December 8th at midnight.


Happy holidays from everyone at Snyder Hall!


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