Child of a Veteran? From Illinois? Read this!

Hello! Me, again. Today’s message is for admitted Illini who live in Illinois and are the children of a veteran. If that sounds like you (or may be you after December 16), you may be eligible for the Children of Veterans Tuition Waiver.

You can find out more information and the application from the Office of Student Financial Aid here.

But first, the priority deadline to apply is January 3! The application is short, but you will need some information regarding your parent’s service. The deadline is significantly earlier than previous years, and you have to mail in the application. Plan ahead! 🙂

So about the award: This is a four-year in-state tuition waiver at the University of Illinois (yes, really!). And, even better, there is up to three awards for each county in Illinois.

You will be notified by the middle of February whether you are selected for the award.

This is one of many great scholarship opportunities at Illinois. You can search for all of the posts under the “Financial Aid” topic on our blog.



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