The First Snowfall on Campus

Some people aren’t a fan of the winter season because of the cold temperatures. However, winter at Illinois is actually amazing. Just a few days ago we got our first snowfall. It was extremely rewarding and a cool sight to see fellow Illini react to seeing those snowflakes fall from the sky.

The best part about snowfall on campus is how pretty the Main Quad looks during it. Oftentimes when students aren’t studying finals, they love to make snowmen on the Quad. I actually love the Main Quad during the winter, especially when it’s covered in white. It can serve as a great place for a good ole-fashioned snowball fight, too.

Illini Union during snow shower.

Photo courtesy of the Office of Dean of Students. 

Another favorite winter activity of mine is drinking hot chocolate. I love stopping by the Illini Union Bookstore and going to the Starbucks there. I always get a hot chocolate with whipped cream to top it off. Then I walk around the Quad and catch up with a friend, which is a nice thing to do during our Finals Week since we have a ton of unstructured free time when we aren’t studying hard for our tests.

I encourage every Illini, future and present, to take advantage of what the Illinois winters have to offer. We are so fortunate to have a campus that experiences all four seasons in a school year, so when the snowflakes start falling, one should not waste that opportunity.


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