Financial Aid FAQ

When will your financial aid package be ready? What does it mean? How do you check the status of your financial aid? These are all really great questions that I’m sure many of you have! In this blog we will be going through the logistics of financial aid, when to expect your financial aid package, how to understand your package, etc.

First, ensure that you have submitted the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and that you have listed the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (School Code 001775) as a recipient of that information.

Next, make sure that we have accurate contact information for you. The Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) uses email as well as postal mail to communicate with students. It is your responsibility to provide accurate and updated information! If you need to make any updates to your contact information, you can make them using UI-Integrate Self-Service.

Also, if you’re contacted by OSFA (they may be requesting documents or additional information from you or your family) you should respond ASAP in order to ensure that your financial aid is processed in a timely manner.

If all of this has been done correctly, then you should be receiving a financial aid package from us around February. In order to check the status of your financial aid you will be using UI-Integrate Self-Service again. (Go ahead and bookmark this link, because you will be using Self-Service a lot throughout your time at Illinois!) When you’re checking your status you’ll be able to see various things, including your:

  • Award letter
    • If you need help understanding your award letter, click the link above!
  • Award summary
  • Cost of attendance
  • Award history
  • Scholarship letter
  • Shopping sheet
  • Student requirements

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these items, click here!

Finally, if you haven’t done so already, take a look through the Financial Aid Terms and Conditions. In order to receive your financial aid, you will need to fulfill these items.

If you have any lingering questions, feel free to contact OFSA.

Pretty easy, right? You’re one step closer to being a college student!




Transfer Recruitment Coordinator, Undergraduate Admissions
I help transfer students navigate our application and admission process. I have a background not only in admissions but also in financial aid. I'm originally from southeastern Michigan.


  • Just received an email from Illinois about “Cost After Aid”, where it essentially shows an estimate of how much $ will be the responsibility of the parents based on income level “after aid”.

    Some context about our household: I am unemployed and have been for 4 years. The other parent in the household makes about $120,000 per year. I know this may sound like a “ton” of money and some may tell me to stop whining. BTW – since losing my job we have refinanced our mortgage and cut our expenses to the bone. We spend all our income each month – not including helping pay for my other sons college expenses.

    My point is after taxes our household income is $6000 per month. Your chart says I will need to cover about $27,000 a year (after aid is accounted for). Does that figure include the $5000 per year “premium” tuition my son will be assessed for enrolling in the engineering program? I’m going to guess it doesn’t. So, somehow I’m supposed to come up with $27,000 plus an additional $5000 every year? Or about $3500/month for the 9 months of enrollment each academic year. Wow!

    We are an in-state family paying taxes in Illinois. Do your scholarships go to in state students? What percentage of students enrolling at Illinois actually get a scholarship? What percent of their unmet need does it cover?

    Illinois tuition is unusually high for Illinois state residents. I would expect much better scholarships for tax payers. Please don’t offer a Federal Parent PLUS loan. The last thing our family needs is additional debt. If you want to charge tuition and fees close to what private levels you need to take funds from your $3.3 Billion dollar endowment and help students who really want the benefit of attending Illinois the ability pay for it.

    At least Northwestern has a no-loan policy, as well as many other private colleges.

  • Hi Stan,
    Due to the personal nature of your questions please contact our office at (217) 333-0302 or at for questions regarding merit-based scholarships.
    For your questions regarding all other financial aid programs please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at (217) 333-0100 or at