Racing to Register

We all know the beginning of the semester is upon us when the need to register for classes comes around. Registration is very important for students in the sense that it shapes most of your daily routine for the rest of the season. Each section one registers for tends to effect the next section, and the goal is to think about the big picture when shaping a complete weekly schedule.


The first step in creating the best schedule possible is planning to register the moment you are eligible. That information is available on the University of Illinois Self Service website. With that knowledge, be prepared to log on the minute your registration window opens while also having a schedule plan made beforehand by looking at the available sections in advance, and in doing so, you give yourself the best chance for a good semester sequence when you beat the loads of people registering at that moment.


Secondly, always check the registration webpage before classes start if you do miss a favored section. People tend to drop or change sections later on before classes start leaving desired section reopened for registration. I have had at least one class section I failed to get initially open up or even be added to the available list as a new section later on providing me the opportunity to sign up for a much more comfortable school year.


Lastly, the best thing t realize is that even if you do not get every class time slot you desire, you still have the potential for an excellent semester. The whole idea is that the hour or so you could have had a class can now be used as free time or a slot for a different elective class which you may not have taken otherwise. Therefore, class scheduling takes care of itself by the orderly nature of time, and one can use that to only better what he does during the school year.


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