University Events and Your Career

The University of Illinois offers many on-campus events for all majors that enrich the learning experience by allowing you to observe people in the real-world applications of such fields. These gatherings range from colloquiums to career fairs and allow students to sample what the future could have in store for them from individuals to individual companies. I am going to explain the experiences I have had from both of these avenues.


My first taste of the university’s career resources was at a career fair last summer. I was able to explore many company booths that applied to my degree in Engineering Physics, including others that I did not expect such as Navistar International. The most helpful aspect of this experience was, however, the exposure to the vast array of opportunity that I never knew I had. Before then, I felt I had to get into scientific research or teaching with my degree. Now I know I have more choices and more exciting ways to further my future well being.


My second experience occurred when I attended some physics colloquiums at the beginning of this year. These presentations exposed me to the everyday life and responsibilities of people who followed a similar career track as I plan to. The impact this had was showing me what I could expect my actual contribution to a company/lab/business to be and how I may go about doing so. One talk that stood out involved a lecture discussing inefficiency in star formation and what the speaker did in an average month to study such occurrences, which are believed to explain how galaxies formed the way they did.

I learned that these accomplishments were achieved on a yearly scale with only sub-components of the “job” being completed on a seasonal basis, which basically meant that the work in astrophysics specifically was slow and tedious for the smallest of results, but it also made me feel better for looking into a former interest of mine before attempting to apply. I cannot stress how the presentations at the University of Illinois can help you somewhat predetermine what you should do post-college.


Therefore, the university offers modes in which a student can explore careers very closely without having to risk taking a job first, with the most outstanding resources being career fairs and field expert talks. As a transfer student, I would like to conclude by stressing that any incoming student should take advantage of these resources and make sure they use them to develop a strong career plan as graduates.


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