Walking to Class

During my time in college thus far, I have predominantly walked wherever I’ve went. Although the bus system is efficient and valuable for some journeys on campus, I have always preferred the feeling of being outside and getting some fresh air instead. Even during the winter months, I have walked to class or really anywhere. In college, this is a fantastic way to step away from the stresses of the work you will do.

Writing a lengthy paper or studying for a difficult exam can eventually lead to stress and frustration and walking somewhere on campus can help. It’s better to walk to your big exam than to ride on a bus because you can get all of the nervous energy out. In the springtime, walking on campus provides an unparalleled beautiful experience. Meanwhile, in the fall, walking to an Illini football game can be the perfect way to begin game day.

I understand that there will be times when the convenience of taking the bus will seem tempting, but on a beautiful campus such as ours, it would be shame not to try and soak it all in to the fullest. Walking around on campus has given me a totally new prospective on the architecture and design of our iconic buildings and structures. Also, you never know who you might pass by on the way to wherever you’re going. So, let’s continue to walk! One day, you’ll look back on your experiences of walking on campus and remember everything as if it was happening in the moment.


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