Exploring the Foods

Campustown has some pretty great food. When you’re not swiping into the dining hall to eat, it’s a great opportunity to grab a bite at one of the fantastic places on campus. Now, we will all have different ideas about what makes each place good or bad, but at the end of the day, each place is special because it helps to paint the canvas of campus.

Here are my top 3:

3. Jurassic Grill

Down on Green St., there is a a little cute place called “Jurassic Grill” that makes the kinds of burgers and fries that immediately conjure up images of college and being young. This is to say that the food there is as fun and delicious as life on the Illinois campus. Aesthetically, its dim lighting and cozy atmosphere will leave anyone entranced by its unique charm.

2. Fat Sandwich Company

Now, this opinion may be a little divisive, but Fat Sandwich is just too creative to be ignored. Who would have ever thought about putting chicken fingers and mozzarella sticks together on a sub sandwich? Or what about the simply absurd and obscene names that the sandwiches are named? There is no doubt in my mind that everyone should stop by this bold and brash place for a delicious and lively meal. Everyone that takes a journey to this place is bound to walk away with a story from eating here.

1. Merry Ann’s Diner

It’s almost impossible to have been a student at Illinois without going to Merry Ann’s. Most times, your visit to this cute and retro-inspired diner will be late at night when most foods are going to always taste better anyway. Nonetheless, Merry Ann’s was never special or mind-blowing because of its food; Merry Ann’s is special because of the times that everyone is there. No doubt, you will always remember the times that you walked into Merry Ann’s and sat down with friends at one of those infamous booths.

This was my list, but of course, everyone has there own take on campus food. Leave your thoughts on what’s great in the comments below. Trust me, there are no wrong answers.



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