Choosing Illinois

Growing up, I always wanted to go to the University of Illinois. Most of my childhood was spent around the Champaign-Urbana area, and I saw Illinois as the greatest university on the planet. My excitement to come here was only intensified when I ran into Dee Brown and Deron Williams of the basketball team at the mall one day. For a ten-year-old watching the Fighting Illini go to the national championship, I was consumed by everything I had to do in order to gain admission to Illinois.

In high school, I strived for great grades, volunteered, and obtained plenty of work experience. The basic formula to gain admission had worked, and it was a foregone conclusion that I would accept the offer to attend my dream university. For other people who were also offered admission, it wasn’t so clear that Illinois would be their university of choice. Many times, the decision of whether to come to Illinois depends on the program that you are entering.

Illinois has many extraordinary programs in many of its colleges. For my major, Advertising, it made total sense to choose Illinois; the Advertising program is very well-known and respected. Honestly, most prospective students have to decide if Illinois can offer them the kind of experience and education that will give them an advantage in their career. In many situations, Illinois can offer the exact benefits that a student is looking for.

I believe that Illinois is a premier choice among many schools because of its amazing departments and academic excellence. It’s important to look around and be objective about which school to choose, but Illinois is one of the only schools that remains competitive in almost all areas. This aspect alone makes Illinois a viable option for almost any student. Once you take a look around, I think you will come to this same conclusion.


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