Conquering the Armory

Chances are, you’re gonna have a few classes inside the lovable old building known as the Armory. Its location is very convenient as it sits only block away from the Ikenberry Commons. Inside the giant building, there is a track for competitive running, the offices/facilities for the campus military operations, several auditoriums, and many small classrooms.

This semester alone, I have two classes in the Armory. It is a very convenient place to have class for me because of its proximity to Snyder Hall (where I live). The first time that you have a class in this building though, it would probably be a good idea to do a little research on how to get to the specific room that you are looking for. Otherwise, the Armory can become a bit of a maze.

Certain entrances into the Armory will lead you into the section of the building that you are looking for while others might leave you at a dead end. This may seem kind of strange, but it is actually very reasonable considering how many things take place inside this building. Regardless, this building is more simple than most people might perceive.

At each entrance, there is a map that tells you where you are and has a directory for all the parts of the building. While this is one of the most helpful ways to find your way around the building, old-fashioned exploration of the Armory is sure to deliver you the kind of navigational guidance that you are searching for, as well. As always, it is a great idea to ask people who might know more about the building for directions if you become a little lost (like all of us have). Stay diligent, and you will become an Armory Master before you know it!

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