Resources I Love at Illinois (Part II)

Medical Resources

I really like our McKinley Health Center for two major reasons: you can always get whatever you need there, and you can get them as quick as possible.

I think most Chinese students, especially girls, are quite familiar with Mckinley Health because we got our HPV vaccine there. The old version of this type of vaccine was not available in mainland China until last year, and it was just too much work to get three shots in Hong Kong or Taiwan for better versions. However, we could get the newest version here without an appointment for free (your insurance will cover that).

When I don’t feel good, I can call a 24/7 service called Dial-A-Nurse or make an appointment with a doctor. The appointment could be scheduled online and usually, the time spots are plenty and within two days. Even during the break, they would respond quickly: I got my annual exam in the Women’s Health department during the summer, and I have made a couple appointments over winter and spring break.


The term “internship” here usually means a part-time job because they are not as time-consuming as summer internships, which usually mean working full-time. They are a chance for us to meet different people and earn some pocket money. I have seen students in various positions, like in the Career Center, the Office of Volunteer Programs (OVP), International Student and Scholar Services, and more … If you would like to do more “academic” work, it is always a great idea to do well on your favorite course and become a grader or undergraduate TA. It really helps to connect with professors and gain communication skills.

Even during the summer, there are various job opportunities, and it is always a great idea to check the Virtual Job Board, where available on-campus jobs will be posted. I am planning to apply for something during this summer so that I can have something to do while staying on campus since only a few of my friends will still be in the U.S.

In all, there are so many possible sources waiting for everyone to explore and even make a difference in our life or community, and I hope you could have a lot of fun in this process.


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