It’s Spring Break, But I Miss Illinois

So, this weekend officially started spring break here on campus. It has been so great to be home with my family and catch up with them as I have not seen them or been with them since winter break. After being at school for a few months and being extremely busy with classes and tons of RSOs, a break was totally needed.

 This was totally me once I got home. ( 

But after the delicious home cooked meals and tons of Netflix (probably way too much Netflix), I realized I was missing Illinois a lot. Like, a lot.

Ok, I’m not crying. But, you get the point. ( 

There is really nothing better than Illinois in the spring time. The Quad is the ultimate place to be, not my home! I want to go back to campus and play frisbee with my friends on the Quad. My favorite thing to do after class at Gregory Hall, Lincoln Hall or Foellinger Auditorium is meet up with a few of my best friends and just lay out on the Quad. Hundreds of people have the same ideas as us, too, and it really feels like a community.

Look how beautiful and vast it is! (

The suburb where I’m from is great and all, but it does not have the fun university atmosphere of the thousands of people my age roaming around the campus.

For you prospective students that can’t imagine leaving home, I promise you that one day you are going to be glad you’re only home for one week during spring break because you will want to be back at Illinois! Choosing Illinois was the best decision I have made for my educational career, and I know it is the only place where I am looking forward to getting back to in one short week.


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