How to Prepare for Summer Registration

Who’s ready for Summer Registration?! 

It really is my favorite time of the year! So I wanted to walk all of our admitted students through some steps to take before attending Summer Registration …

  1. Sign up for a program.

You’ll find the link to sign up for a program on your Admitted Student Checklist in myIllini. Based on your college’s availability, you’ll see your options for available programs.

  1. Complete registration homework and placement exams and send AP scores.

Finish your homework and any required tests at least two weeks before your registration date so you’re able to register for the courses you need. Homework will be available online starting in April and placement tests in May.

  1. Check the weather.

You’ll be walking around campus, so make sure you have comfortable shoes and clothing for whatever the weather may bring.

  1. Attend the program!

You will do all of these things during your summer registration program:

  • Register for fall courses with your department.
  • Take a picture and get your student identification card (i-card).
  • Meet new friends.
  • Take a photo with Alma.

Most students are done between 3 to 5 p.m. You should plan on being on campus until 5 p.m.

Lunch is planned out for you (and provided for you and one guest), but I can’t pass up the opportunity to share some of my favorite spots for dinner: Seven Saints, Farren’s, Papa Del’s, Courier Café … I could go on and on!

For even more answers to our most frequently asked questions, check out our website.



Admissions Counselor
I work extensively with our large campus visit programs to give our prospective students first-hand experience of life at Illinois. I grew up in and around Champaign-Urbana, but most recently I moved from northwest Ohio, where I finished my master’s degree in College Student Personnel.


  • Will my admission be rescinded if I get a D in an AP class I got a C in last semester? I do not need the class to graduate high school but I am worried about my admission being rescinded.

  • Hi Marisa,
    I’m happy to help! We will verify that your grades were accurately reported on your application, and that you did well in your senior year courses over the summer. Depending on how that course is related to your major of interest, a poor grade could result in your admission being rescinded. However, we always reach out to students to give your an opportunity to explain your circumstances to the review committee before making a final decision about your admission. If you have any other questions, please feel free to call our office at 217-333-0302.

  • Hello Kaci,
    While filling my application, I wrote that i will be taking the West African School Certificate Examination, Senior School Certificate Exam, for (8) subjects, but i later registered to write the Cambridge O,level examination for (7) subjects, but the same subjects as mention in my application that i will be taking during the (WASC, WAEC). I hope this is not in anyway going to pose any issues on me since both exams are the same senior year final exams, just different bodies organizing it.
    Please advise.

  • Hi Ima,

    Thanks for letting me know! That change should not affect your admission. I would recommend submitting the Course Change form available at the bottom of your myIllini account to ensure that we have record of the change before we receive your test scores. Please let me know if you have other questions!

  • I completed the registration homework, but all I had to put was which AP classes I’ve taken and their scores (known/predicted). When I clicked “continue”, it said that my homework was complete. Was that all there was to it? I wasn’t sure since there was a “foreign language requirement” section that was blank, but there was no way of me adding something to that. Thanks!

  • Hi Maria,

    Great question! Registration homework is different for each college. You can go back into the homework link and ensure that you completed the college homework that links out of the first link from you myIllini. If you have an orange check next to the homework on your Admitted Student Checklist, you have completed the homework. We will use your high school coursework to determine your language placement, so you don’t need to worry about that on the homework. I hope this helps!


  • Hello Kaci!

    I was looking through the requirements for LOTE placement testing and it says for the college I intend to declare for that I need four years of another language. At my school, the languages are often divided into levels (usually 4 and then AP). Does that mean four actual years or four years’ worth of learning the language (like completing the fourth level)?

  • Hi Neha,

    That is a great question. In order to graduate from the College of Business and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, you are required to have four levels of a language. By taking through the fourth level of a language in high school (typically, four years), you have fulfilled the graduation requirement. I hope this helps!

  • Hello! I’ve submitted online summer registration, not in campus, since I’m in China. So I want to know how can I participate in this program? By Video or?


  • Hi Baihe,

    You should receive an email from your college at least a week before your registration program. The email will detail what time of platform your college uses for the online program, it does vary based on your college. Some colleges will set up a phone call, email, or video. Please let me know if you have any other questions.