The Misconceptions of Greek Life

Incoming freshmen often wonder whether or not they should participate in fall recruitment for Greek life. While there is no explicit rule saying you do or don’t need to join a fraternity or sorority, there are many benefits to Greek life that people overlook, and tons of rumors that simply are not true. Today, I will crack down some of these misconceptions.

1. You HAVE to go out if you are in Greek life.

This just simply is not true. Grab food with friends, watch a movie, read. There is plenty to do on campus that does not involve going out. And who doesn’t love food?

2. “Philanthropy” is just to make Greek life look good.

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Well, yes, philanthropy does make Greek life look good, but so does anyone volunteering anywhere. People don’t realize just how much giving back fraternities and sororities really do. For example, many groups host food events and donate all of their profit to a specific foundation. Others go out and tutor for free, or take their time helping children learn to read.

3. People in Greek life are only friends with other people in Greek life.

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I have friends in Greek life, friends not in Greek life, friends in business fraternities, and friends in professional fraternities. Involvement in Greek life does give you the opportunity to meet new people, but it does not determine who you will be friends with.

Whether Greek life is right for you is your choice completely, but don’t let these common misconceptions determine whether you give it a try! College is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things, so embrace every chance you get.


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