The Seasons of Campus

The University of Illinois has one of the best campuses for a diverse weather schedule. Spring, summer, fall, and even winter will bring you an experience that encompasses every type of weather situation. Every type of weather has its ups and downs, but the campus is what makes the weather so special. Winter is a time of wearing boots and taking beautiful pictures of the trees with snow dangling off of them. On the other hand, spring is a time of doing homework on the Quad and playing a little frisbee.

Illinois is home to beautiful summers, as well. If you happen to be on campus over the summer, you’ll find that Illinois is a place for moderate days and cool nights. The Quad is one of the best places to be over the summer, too, because of the peaceful nature of most students being gone for the summer. Matter of fact, one could say that the weather is a great reason to stay on campus over the summer for classes.

Fall is wonderful in its own right, as well. Illinois football on Saturday afternoons is amazing and will truly make you feel the team spirit. There is also a really cool RSO called “October Lovers” that celebrates everything that the fall has to offer. I would say that most students on campus would agree that fall is the most active time for activities on campus.

I have to say that I love spring the most on campus. It is a time when your school year is clearly coming together, and all the trees are so pleasant on the eyes as they bloom and show another year of awakening. It’s just too bad that this beauty is accompanied by homework and the eventual finals week.


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