Getting From Champaign-Urbana to Home, Wherever Home May Be

When moving from your hometown to a new place, it is important to know you can get home if need be. The University of Illinois has many ways to get from home to school or school to home, no matter where your hometown is!

Suburban Express
Suburban Express is a bus service that goes from the Champaign-Urbana area to just about anywhere, offering stops at O’Hare Airport, Woodfield Mall, Oakbrook Mall, and Golf Mill. The bus is a coach style, typically having wifi and a restroom. For less popular trips, a large van may be used instead of a bus. At about $30 each way, the bus is just as costly as a tank of gas would be. The con? The bus tends to make the ride a bit longer, as each ride has multiple stops.

Peoria Charter Bus
The Peoria Charter is another bus service. As the name says, Peoria Charter goes to other campuses, as well, such as Illinois State. While comparable or a tad more expensive than Suburban Express, Peoria Charter tends to run faster and get to destinations quicker than other services.

Amtrak Train
The Amtrak is often cheaper than taking the bus and offers a faster trip. Amtrak has a station in downtown Champaign and goes to popular large cities, such as Rockford or Chicago. While I have never personally taken the Amtrak, I have heard the train cars are spacious and have very nice restrooms.

Catch a Ride
Last but certainly not least, catching a ride with someone who lives near your hometown is always a great option. Catching a ride is quick and inexpensive, just be sure to offer to pitch in for gas!


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