Working on Campus

By mid-November of my freshman year, I began to get antsy. I had been working and playing sports all through high school, and weekends without a babysitting gig began to grow long. Without a form of income at school, I winced every time I checked my bank account, as it slowly decreased. My summer savings were withering away, and I knew a job was exactly what I needed.

Job searching is not easy for many reasons. For me, the hardest part was finding a job that I really wanted when I was so desperate. I applied to nearly every restaurant on Green Street, with no experience in the food industry; I applied to clothing stores, with no experience in retail. At last, I realized that I needed to search in fields that really interested me.

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With much thought, I narrowed down my favorite hobby: real estate.

I then focused on applying to various real estate agencies on campus and landed a job with JSM Living.

I have been with JSM since winter break, and have nothing but great things to say. Working at JSM has improved my time management skills, my people skills, and my organization in my daily life.

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I highly recommend getting a job on campus and making sure that job is something you truly enjoy. It is never too early to start job hunting and believe me, your bank accounts and your parents’ credit card will thank you.


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