Why I Went With Advertising

Coming to the University of Illinois, I was originally in the Division of General Studies (DGS). I was placed in DGS after applying to the College of Business. I had always had my eyes on Advertising, though, because the Advertising major didn’t require math. After all, I was never really a math champion.

The summer before freshman year, I scheduled my class schedule to suit either a Business major or Advertising. This helped tremendously so that I could explore what I wanted to do. Having a flexible schedule is really one of the best things that any freshman can have if they are not quite sure what they want to do.

On my first day of college, I went to Linear Algebra and knew that I was not going to like. I had already disliked high school math and college math just seemed like a total continuation of everything that I didn’t like about it in high school. Not to mention, if I did keep the math class in my schedule, it was going to take up a lot of my time.

That same day, I went to Advertising 150 and loved every second of it. The industry of Advertising was calling me with its unfiltered creativity and promise of excitement. I knew I needed to drop the math class and aim for the Advertising major.

Looking back on it today, it was the exact right decision to make. I have become very involved in many areas of Advertising and all of the opportunities have aided me greatly. Advertising is the perfect major for me because I love all things creative and hope to express myself creatively. It’s important, no matter what you want to do, that you find what excites you and go be a part of it.


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