How Can Keep Illini Smart During the Summer

Summer is an amazing time, especially when you’re a University of Illinois student. You don’t have to worry about any classes, homework, or exams. It’s your time to relax and work at an internship or job to advance your career. I think about my time back in high school, and I used to dread these two evil words: summer reading. You remember the required book that we had to read for English courses for the inevitable quiz on that book the first day of school.

Thankfully, that doesn’t happen in college and there’s never a required summer reading book. However, looking back, I can see why teachers made us read a book during the summer. It kept students like me in school mode and my brain fine-tuned and sharp.

I prefer not to read any required summer reading books anymore, but I still want to stay sharp during the summer. Thanks to the University of Illinois, I can. There’s this amazing service called, which is a site that hosts thousands of video tutorials on any skill or topic you can think of for professional development.

Companies pay a lot of money to get, but as an Illinois student, you’re able to use this service and website for free. It’s just one of the many perks being an Illini to say the least, and I have certainly taken advantage of it.

As an Advertising major, it’s pretty important for me to be a master at the Adobe Creative Suite. This means that I should be pretty proficient at Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. These are programs vital to me because this is how most print advertisements are made. I use these programs in many of my classes, so to stay on top of my game, I spend the summer watching tutorials on about these programs. I attribute all my skills learned from these programs to this. I’m able to work on the program side by side while I listen and watch the tutorial, which is nice.

I encourage all Illini to use during their time here and to take advantage of all the incredible resources the university offers. They give you the tools to succeed; it’s up to you to use them!


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May 13, 2017, 11:25 am

Everyone must proper utilize their time to shine in life. During summer vacation student should enlarge their skill