Things to do around C-U: Adventure #1

Summer is revving up as we begin the month of June with temperatures in the 80s, and that means everyone is going outside to enjoy the weather! Some students may think that there’s not a lot to do around C-U in the summer, with only ears of golden corn waving for miles and miles, but I’m here to tell you just the opposite. There are so many events to go to (for free!) on and around campus, and my calendar is quickly filling up.

Last Saturday, I went to the first “First Fridays in Urbana” of the summer. This event, located at Lincoln Square in downtown Urbana, hosted a number of local vendors, performances, and activities every first Friday of the month. With everything from sticker making with the University’s Fab Lab and getting my “future” read in tarot cards, to trying out instruments at the C4A Community Music School on the corner of Main and Race streets, there was a lot to do.

Past, present, and future tarot cards

The star of the show was the fire performance. As people stood around an enclosed space on Race Street, men and women dressed in costume juggled, hula-hooped, and spun fire around like it was nothing (all very casual). At one point, one performer stood on top of another and swung a fiery hula-hoop around (picture for proof below).

Fire performances

But the most amazing part of this event, that I didn’t even realize until I was home, was the satisfaction I got from going somewhere and trying something. There’s a ton to do around campus, but many people may think, “Oh I want to try that,” or only put it on their calendar, or say they’re interested on Facebook and never end up doing it at all. The key to finding fun is actively going out of your comfort zone, and really letting go and being open to that new experience.

For everyone on campus this summer, and everyone coming to campus in the fall, I invite you to put something on your calendar and actually go to it. Life is all about what you do, not what you don’t do, and I’m figuring out that college is an amazing time to start.

Stay tuned for other events (that you can definitely put in your own calendars!) like Movie on the Quad (June 8, “Beauty and the Beast”), Spurlock’s Time Machine event (June 11, the activity is literally being mummified), and Goat Yoga (June 14, may be sold out but there’s another one on June 30).



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