Things to do around C-U: Adventure #3

College is all about trying new things, right? There are the fads that various groups of college students sludge through, enjoying a few good ones but mostly tripping over themselves in these exploratory years, cringing as they look through the old photos. Some of the recent ones, like avocado toast, chokers, millennial pink, and fidget spinners, fall (in my opinion) into both categories. While I am partial to avocados, and don’t mind the occasional new color, I tend to let the excitement pass by.

But when my roommate and I found a goat yoga session at Delight Flower Farm, located a couple miles outside campus in Champaign, we decided to go try it.

It sounds a little ridiculous, and from an objective view, there’s no clear purpose. Who ever thought that a goat petting zoo and beginner’s yoga class would work together?

However, that did not deter my roommate and me. With my roommate’s love of yoga and my self-imposed determination to try new things this summer, we set off on a regular Tuesday at 5 p.m. to be nibbled and jumped on.

Safe to say, we were definitely nibbled and jumped on.

Goats, I found out, enjoy putting things in their mouths. Things that were tasted (but not necessarily consumed) included flowers, leaves, tall grass, hair, t-shirts, shoelaces, water bottles, and on the rare occasion noses and arms.

Goats also enjoy jumping on people’s backs and each other, which was only acceptable because these goats were kids (cue cymbal crash).

An especially jumpy goat

Although it was difficult to maintain even the simplest of poses, especially with goats jumping on everyone’s backs, the combination of yoga and goats made for an unforgettable experience.

We didn’t want to leave after the class was over, and mostly followed around the goats in hopes of spending more time playing with them. When the time came, however, we said our goodbyes to our favorite goat that we had unofficially named Cow, due to his black- and white-spotted hair.

My roommate took a picture of me holding the goat. ?

It was an interesting experience, to say the least, that says a lot about the opportunities to try new things at University of Illinois and in Champaign-Urbana. Even without a big city or a car, there’s still so much available to us. Besides a few places, students can walk to their entertainment, food, and classes without any issues. If not, the public transit system usually takes care of the rest. Goat yoga was just one new thing that I got to enjoy this summer, and so far the University of Illinois continues to prove itself as a place for new opportunities, new people to meet, and new things to go try.

If you’re interested in trying goat yoga, look next spring for Delight Flower Farm’s yoga sessions with the kids! (Space and time is limited in accordance to the size/age of the goats because they can only participate when they’re small.)




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