So, how’s the internship going?

The summer between sophomore and junior year is really the first time when “things” (meaning a career of some sort) start to become more and more “real” (meaning I really thought I would have some semblance of an idea by now). Because of this, students will often apply for internships at this stage to bolster their resume and gain valuable working experience.

So what did I, the entrepreneurship major, do? I applied to a startup, of course, and am now a business development specialist for a website called GrantForward.

Another Steve who worked at a tech startup.

So, how’s the internship going?

Great! It’s going great. I’m having a great time.

No, but seriously, it has developed into a unique and valuable working experience. Sure, it’s different than a lot of typical internships. I work from home, and at any given time I could work on assigned projects in sales, marketing, and customer support. But I like it.

Working from home, in and of itself, has brought on its own set of benefits and challenges. The benefits are obvious: flexible hours, flexible work location, and flexible work attire. It’s the challenges, however, that are more deceptive. While I have a flexible schedule, my days are still really busy. On top of my normal internship workload, I still have to schedule and attend meetings (for both work and my student organization) and do homework or study for both of my summer classes. Even the more mundane tasks like grocery shopping, going to the gym, cooking, doing the dishes (DOING THE DISHES!), and laundry can take up valuable time on any given day. It’s through doing all of this, however, that I’m beginning to understand the responsibilities of independence and the importance of balance and priorities. This internship is truly a learning experience in more ways than one.

As I continue through the summer, I’ll keep you posted on how the internship and everything else develops. Talk soon.



Class of 2019
I’m from New Canaan, Connecticut. I'm studying Management Entrepreneurship in the Gies College of Business and Political Science in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.


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