My Top 5 Favorite Classes (So Far)

My sister is currently a freshman in Advertising this fall and I am having a lot of fun watching her take on the classes that I took a couple years ago. Every time that we discuss her classes, I have instant flashbacks to the moments and memories that I collected in those great classes. After all, freshman year was a time when each class felt like an exploration of what could become a new interest or even an entirely new career path. Because of this, I couldn’t help but think of some classes that have held a special place in my heart. Without further ado, I present my five favorite classes (so far).

5. ADV 310 (Introduction to Public Relations)

I loved this class because it was one that showed me the specific path of advertising that I should take. Advertising can have many paths and everyone in the major should take classes like this one to find what they really love about the major. In fact, because of this class, I am getting a minor in PR.

4. SOC 100 (Introduction to Sociology)

When I first began taking sociology, I never thought of the class as anything more than a gen-ed that many college students encounter. I was pleasantly surprised when I became caught up in how much I loved the class. The study of people and society in general was very intriguing for me. Not to mention, the professor was super personable and always eager to talk with students about anything that might be even remotely sociology related.

3. ART 100 (Introduction To Art)

At one time, I thought that I might want to minor in Art, and so I decided to take a couple art classes to begin the work. While I decided that an art minor was just not for me, I did decide to keep going in ART 100. This is a decision that I look back on fondly. Although I discovered that my overall art skills weren’t exactly excellent, there was one form of art that my TA encouraged me to pursue; this art form was comics. I ended up drawing a comic for the final project of the class and loved discovering a personal passion in comics.

2. MACS 100 (Introduction To Popular TV & Movies)

During the first advising session in the summer before my freshman year, my counselor suggested that I take MACS 100 because it counted for two gen-ed categories. While that aspect was an amazing perk, I really loved getting to take a class about a subject that I already loved for many years before. MACS 100 was truly special because it elevated my whole view of film, television, and media in general. I saw all of these mediums through a more progressive lens because of MACS 100

1. ADV 150 (Introduction To Advertising)

You may have seen this coming already but, ADV 150 is my favorite class (so far). Taking this class in my first semester, I never really expected to major in advertising. I was in DGS at the time and striving for the College of Business. Going to ADV 150 for the first time completely changed my plans. I knew that I loved each and every thing about advertising and that it was the path for me. I am extremely grateful that a class like ADV 150 exists because it shows the best of what advertising is. In my view, ADV 150 does exactly what every college class should do: show you how to get where you want to be.

My sister Sarah Sigmon and ADV 150 Professor Steve Hall





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