University of Illinois Resume-Boosting Ideas

One of the most important factors of college is finding things to fill your resume with. Sometimes, it can seem hard to find the time or motivation to get those resume boosters, so here are a few ideas:

Be a Teaching Assistant




Being a TA shows responsibility and hard work. It also shows that you have been in control of a classroom of college students before. I recommend being a teaching assistant for a professor that you are close to for a class you have taken, as this makes the experience both fun and rewarding. TAs often get credit hours or pay for their work, too.


If your schedule doesn’t allow for such a large commitment, volunteer! The Illini Union has an entire website full of volunteer opportunities! Volunteering shows initiative and selflessness, which are both great qualities in an employee.

Enroll in an Honors Program

As I talked about in a previous post, each college at the University of Illinois has an honors program. If you maintain a high GPA and good academic standing, you will be invited to enroll in the program. Being an honors student shows a commitment to academic achievement and a strong work ethic.

Study Abroad

Studying abroad or work study programs look great on a resume, as they often come with experience in your desired field. Study abroad trips can range from a few weeks to a semester or more. Trips go all around the world. Some even stay in the United States.



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