You’re Admitted! Congratulations!!

Awww yeah! If you’re reading this, it means you just got some really awesome news. Allow me to be the first to say WELCOME TO THE ILLINI FAMILY!

This is you right now:

This is the entire admissions office right now:

Honestly, we are so proud of you because we had one of the most competitive applicant pools we’ve ever had. So take a moment and really let this sink in, because all of your hard work—not only through application season, but also from the past four years—has finally paid off.

BUT! Now comes another step in the admissions process: what to do after you’re admitted. Don’t fret, I’m here to walk you through the process. In fact, if you log into your myIllini account, you’ll get access to your Admitted Student Checklist, which will outline everything you need to do before school starts in the fall.

The very first task on the checklist will be to accept or decline your offer of admission. If you’ve visited campus before and you know Illinois is your top school and you’re gung-ho about becoming an Illini, you can accept your offer on the spot and continue the Admitted Student Checklist. However, a lot of students may not be ready to do that yet. I always encourage students to visit a campus before you accept your offer. You can check out our visit options by clicking here. I know many of you might not be able to attend a campus tour or make the trip to campus, and that’s okay! We have Self-Guided Tours and Campus Photo Tours available on our website, too.

Once you accept your offer, the next step is to claim your NetID and password. Your NetID and password is what you’ll use throughout your next four years at the university to get access to various campus resources. To do this, you need your Activation Code and University Identification Number (UIN), both of which are available when you log in to myIllini.

After you claim your NetID, you’ll have access to the rest of the Admitted Student Checklist. More information will be shared on the checklist, and there will be more for you to complete as we get closer to fall. Through the checklist, you’ll eventually be able to check on your Financial Aid, setup billing/payment options, submit a housing contract, and register for Summer Registration (where you’ll schedule courses).

I’m sure you still have a lot questions, because this is a lot of information to process: being admitted, weighing your options, completing next steps, etc. I want to give you a couple more links so you can find any additional information you need. Check out the Admitted Student page on our website and Zoe’s blog detailing every aspect of the Admitted Student Checklist. As always, feel free to contact me or the Office of Undergraduate Admissions if you have any questions or concerns, and once again, congratulations, future Illini!



Admissions Counselor
I am originally from New Jersey, but I grew up and graduated high school in the north suburbs of Chicago. I love being an admissions counselor because I get to meet and interact with remarkable students almost every day!


  • What is the process of appealing for admission? This is my dream school, and I am devastated to know that I was denied. Is it possible for me to find out why I was denied?

  • I was wondering if we will be getting acceptance letters in the mail or be able to print a digital letter? My parents like to have it as a memento.

  • Can I repeal my decision from the PREP program to the major that I applied for? (Computer Engineering) and if that won’t work, then what about my second choice major? (Electrical Engineering)

  • Congratulations Sanket! Admission into honors programs will be released in early February and no later than March 1. If you are not admitted to an honors program, you can always self-nominate for an honors program in your sophomore year.

  • Hey Sam, I love that idea of keeping your Notice of Admission as a memento! Acceptance packages are sent via post to all domestic students, so you should receive it within the next couple weeks. However, everyone can print off their Notice of Admission by clicking the link at the bottom of your Admitted Student Checklist.

  • For any student with questions about appealing, please call our office to go over your options. Due to the personal and confidential nature of an application, we are unable to discuss an admission decision on a public forum.

  • So excited! Is there an admitted students facebook page to join? Other schools have them to be able to meet possible roommates etc.

  • 1. Excited to get accepted to my top choice engineering school
    2. Looks at the office memes and gets even more excited

    Thanks for making my Friday wonderful!!!

  • Hey Rachel, for merit-based aid awarded through the University, your application for admission doubles as your application for all available scholarships. You do not need to submit any additional materials to be considered for merit-based scholarships. All merit awards should be made no later than March 1.

  • Hey Danny very excited for my daughter being accepted to UofI, so what are the next steps now and do we know what scholarship she was awarded?

  • Congratulations Shayna! I know this is a very exciting time for you and your daughter; please congratulate her on my behalf! To answer your question, all scholarship and award packages will be release before March 1, and she has until May 1 to accept her offer.