Use Winter Break for Reflecting and Planning

So you just got accepted into one of the best schools in the world? You should be insanely proud of yourself! It is no easy achievement to get into such a prestigious university like Illinois. You have something fantastic to offer the University of Illinois, and we would be so happy and lucky to have you join us here in Urbana-Champaign.


Now that it’s winter break, you should take some time to relax. You worked hard all semester finishing up your classes and on those college apps. Catch up on that Netflix show you started but never finished or stop by the local library to pick up a book so you can read for pleasure.


During my high school winter break my senior year, I started planning how I wanted to tackle the big choice of choosing a university to go to. Do you want to make one last visit to Illinois to see if it is the right fit? I would recommend coming to Urbana-Champaign once or twice to get a really good feel on what it is like to be an Illini. Seeing students walk around the Quad with Illini gear put myself in their shoes, and it was easy for me to see myself as a student here.

The most important thing when planning for college is to remember why you’re going in the first place. For me, education was that important thing. I chose Illinois because it has a top-tier advertising program and I felt it would give me the best preparation to succeed in the industry post-graduation. I considered the out-of-classroom organizations that had to do with my major too, because you are only inside the classroom a few hours a day. It is up to you to use your time wisely and prepare yourself for a great career after college.

Enjoy your break, future Illini!



Class of 2018
I’m an Advertising major in the College of Media. I’m from a northwest suburb of Chicago called Buffalo Grove. I chose Illinois because it was the first university in the entire world to offer an Advertising major, which is pretty cool!


  • Hey Daniel,

    I submitted my application in early November and now I am in the regular decision pool for the freshman class of the fall of 2018. I recently reviewed my application and I noticed that I am missing one class for my junior year. This is particularly concerning for me because it’s an AP class and I wanted to know If I can still add it on? I already emailed admissions and am awaiting a response. Thank you

  • Hi Dominick,
    If you’ve already emailed our admissions office at, a counselor should be able to give you the best help and will be in touch very soon (the office was closed last week but is now open again). You can also call them at 217-333-0302 between the hours of 8:30 and 5:00 p.m. CST. Thanks for reaching out!