I Started a Personal Blog, and You Can Too!

Writing, specifically blogging, has always been my favorite creative outlet. When I arrived in Champaign-Urbana my freshman year, I was asked to blog for the admissions office, and could not have been happier. What could be better than helping others through my writing?

Recently, I was inspired to start my own personal blog separate from my admissions blog, and so far it has been incredibly successful. Today, I wanted to let all of you know that you have the power to inspire through words, too (and I strongly encourage it!).

Photo from Rachel Hernandez

Making a blog is an easy, constructive way to help transition into college. Blogging is its own form of stress relief and can have any central theme that you’d like. The best part? Unique blogs are the best to read! For me, this blog is obviously themed on helping prospective Freshman.

Not only is blogging constructive, but it is free (and what college student doesn’t love free?). Getting started is easy with WordPress, which is what I use for both my admissions and personal blog.

Photo from Rachel Hernandez

All in all, blogging is a great habit to get into, especially when entering a new chapter in life. It not only helps your mental health, but it can help others who read it, as well. Stuck on how to get started? Leave a comment below, and I would be happy to help!


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