I Went to the ARC for the First Time

I’ve been a student at the University of Illinois for two years now, and in all my time here, I had never taken a trip to the ARC (activities and recreational center). My freshman year, I had a fitness center in my dorm, and the thought of trekking a few blocks in the middle of January just didn’t do it for me. My sophomore year, the company I lease with opened a fitness center. I always went there to avoid the crowds.

Photo from Rachel Hernandez

But recently, I’ve turned a new leaf.

Today marks the seventh consecutive day that I’ve gone to the ARC… I’m hooked!

Whether running the track or relaxing in the sauna, the ARC offers something for everyone: swimming, lifting, cardio, yoga, dance, massages, and meal-prep.

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So, here’s the deal. If you are a high school senior and health and fitness are important to you, let me say this, loud and clear; the University of Illinois has one of the largest, nicest gyms of any college. With the number of machines available, you will always be able to get your workout done, and the staff is incredibly friendly!



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