Advising Appointments

Every semester, you’ll have a mandatory meeting with your assigned advisor about your current classes and the classes that you plan to take next semester. Although I just highlighted the two main parts of these meetings, there are other useful discussions you can have during these meetings. You can talk with your advisor regarding concerns about your career path, minors that you may be interested in pursuing, and so much more.

I have had two assigned advisors in college. One was my advisor when I was in the Division of General Studies (DGS) and the other advisor is my current advisor in the College of Media. Both have helped me tremendously. My DGS advisor was very helpful in my transfer into the College of Media, and my current advisor is always great at helping me understand which classes will work best in my schedule each semester. I know that I can count on my advisor for advice and guidance about the best path forward.

College advisors are important resources for your success in college. Whether everything is going smoothly or you are struggling with your studies, your advisor can help you understand what will work best for you. Every meeting with your advisor will be an important one. Each one will enhance your time in college in the best way possible. You won’t ever walk away from an advising appointment feeling anything less than excited for what is to come.


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