The UGL (Undergraduate Library)

For the past six semesters, I have spent a large portion of time in the undergraduate library. Located near the quad, the UGL is a two-story building that is almost completely underground. Once inside, this square-shaped building is a place for countless group projects and meetings. Most of the time, there are students located at every table and corner of the building. You can find a desk on the first floor that will rent audio/video equipment to you, and printers can be found scattered all over. It’s impossible not to see this place as the perfect environment to get work done.

Just this past week, I had a meeting with a couple other people at the UGL as a part of my internship. We met in one of the private meeting spaces that can be rented to students by reservation. It was a great place to meet as we got away from the noise and focused on the work that we needed to discuss. Many other times, I have met with groups and also went solo to the UGL. I have always thought it was a great place because it is conveniently located and has a lot of space.

I encourage every freshman to go check out the UGL. It will be a perfect place for you at some point or another in your college career. My word of advice though is to reserve a private meeting space well in advance because they are popular. And, if you ever run into me at the UGL, be sure to say hi!


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