Illinoisnet: Super Fast Internet

When you come to Illinois, you’ll find that fast internet access is always readily available. In the residence halls, lecture halls, dining halls, and pretty much any other university building, there is a Wifi network called Illinoisnet. Using your NetID credentials, you’ll be able to sign in on each of your devices and start using it right away.

Through each of my semesters, I have been very pleased with the network’s performance. It is always fast and easily accessible. Whenever I have to video chat, do homework, or even just watch some Netflix, Illinoisnet never fails me. To be honest, Illinoisnet is so fast that it has changed what I consider to be fast whenever I use other internet connections.

In college, you will find it important to have a fast internet connection. You will be doing your fair share of bandwidth-intensive homework and projects online. In our modern era, it is hard to imagine how college would work without the element of online learning and communicating. It is good thing to know that Illinoisnet will never let you down.


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