Why You Should Attend an Illinois Summer Program

On days like today, my mind is focused on one thing: summer.

We are having some extraordinary weather on campus today. It’s 56 degrees, and it’s still February! Crazy, right?

Yes, it’s almost time to spend the days soaking up some Vitamin D…

But, what if I told you that you could do something a little different this summer?

You could spend your summer making new friends,

learning something new,

and developing leadership skills.


Come and learn something new at our Illinois Summer Programs! 

From business to engineering to leadership to learning about honeybees, there is an Illinois Summer Program that can fit everyone’s interests.

You’ll have the chance to experience what life on campus is like,

Image result for college campus gif uiuc

spend time in college classrooms with professors,

and make unforgettable memories.

So what are you waiting for? Go check them out now!

See you soon!



Admissions Counselor
I grew up just 30 minutes north of Champaign-Urbana and am a recent graduate of Illinois. As a former Pathway student, I understand the challenges of adapting to life at both a community college as well as a four-year institution. Whatever you're wondering about, I'll help you out!


  • I think you mean soaking up some Vitamin D not C. Trust me, I have a degree in nutrition from Illinois.

  • Hi Hannah
    I love your post lol
    Seems interesting, I would like to know more about it.
    (Esp in terms of financial support )

    Nima 🙂

  • What exactly is this program for? Is there any fees? What more can you tell me about this?

  • Hi Nima! I’m glad you enjoyed my post! There are a wide variety of opportunities for students to explore this summer-you can see the full list of programs on our website. Each program is run independently and the cost does vary by program. Most do have full or partial scholarship opportunities depending on which specific summer program you are interested in!

  • Hi Dana! Our Summer Programs are not one, but many different opportunities for students on our campus. The full list of programs can be found on our website. Each program is run independently and the costs of attendance depends on which program you are interested in.

  • So,I received an email about summer program but currently not able to afford to fly out from Las Vegas any way to get help?

  • Hi Trevor! I’m happy to hear you’re interested in attending a Summer Program. Each program is run independently and they each award their own scholarships to cover the cost of the program for some attendees, however I’m unaware if they help cover travel costs. I would recommend first looking into the specific program you’re interested in attending.

  • Hi, My son is in junior right now and willing to get admission at there, He is planning to persue in Computer science / Engineering. Is it any summer class can help him out there?