How to Find the Perfect Roommate

Okay, so you have been accepted to the University of Illinois. You have your major, your fall semester courses, and your ambitions all laid out in front of you. One thing is missing: your roommate.

Finding a perfect roommate can be a tough feat. After all, we’ve all heard about those crazy roommate horror stories.

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But from my experience with two roommates, both of whom were wonderful, here are a few tips to find someone who will make your first-year living experience great.

  1. Similar living habits
    What time do they go to sleep? Do they like to go out late? Are they studious? These are all living habits that, while they may seem small, are important to match. Believe me, if you and your roommate don’t see eye to eye on issues like quiet hours, you will have a tricky freshman year.

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  2. Don’t room with your bestie
    While it is nice to room with someone from your town, maybe someone you have grown up with, I would not recommend rooming with a best friend. Living in close quarters with anyone is a challenge, and you do not want to lose your best friend over something as silly as stealing their popcorn.
  3. Meet and greet
    If you room with someone who lives close to your home town, try to meet them in person a few times before moving in. Not only will it ease the tension on move-in day, but it will give you a chance to plan your room decor and make some ground rules.

    Photo by Rachel Hernandez

If you don’t know where to look for a roommate, here are a few places to check out! Your class will likely have a Facebook page, which will blow up with posts from people looking for roommates. Talk to your friends and see if they have any mutual friends attending your university. Still no luck? Go with a random roommate!



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